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The Stadium -  

Read Before Entering. Ignorance is NOT an excuse.

This is a site ran room and all site rules will apply. The Stadium is a Modified Capture / Collar / Kill Zone.

The Rules of Combat will default to Prodigy Combat system.

Chat Studio Site Administrators do not police roleplay. However this does not mean that moderators do not handle the out of character that may occur, to promote the well being of ongoing roleplay.

There must be two entrance posts of valid r/p leading to OC - and two exit posts to leave.

The Stadium here on Chat Studio represents an arena at a locale within Gor - There are guards patrolling consistently to protect the public, protection is granted as long as you remain within your proper role. Any abusive language, threats, insults, or behaviors not worthy of your station will be proper justification for the guards to simply look the other way. This protection is only during scheduled spars, tournaments or planned Stadium events. When none of the aforementioned are in session , you enter The Stadium at your own risk.

Uncollared slaves : This is NOT a place for you to wander around, aimlessly. You can/will be captured by the Free and submitted to the proper terms of slavery.

NPC's may be used in this room per prodigy, just remember they can NOT kill, injure, capture , collar or harm a PC in any way. NPC's can be utilized to enhance roleplay, which is your prerogative , however, if the NPC is used as a defense in your attack, you must first declare them in your weapons post. NPC's -can- be force posted .

Panthers and Talunas : They don't go wandering around cities. Therefore, they would not be found here.

Anonymous Names are Prohibited - Take a Proper Gorean Name. Period.

Roleplay occurs here. Observation is done silently [Following the above rule], and is non interruptive.

An -O- does not afford you protection. Gor doesn't have -o-'s. This is Gor.

You are ALWAYS accountable for your actions. That being said, expect to be held accountable at all costs. If this isn't a term that you can adhere to, then you simply do not belong here. For lack of better terms : Nut up, or shut up.

Messengers: You will come in with full tags and your in character name. "Messenger" or "Messenger for ____" is unacceptable procedure and is not cohesive with the accountability rule. Should you enter as such, it will not be acceptable as a identity/lifesaving measure. Again, you are always accountable for your actions.

For your roleplay to be validated, you must utilize the given pulldowns. They count in judgements. Should an accident occur, and then be rectified immediately, the roleplay will not be invalidated. Accidents do happen.

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