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[ Crossroads of Gor ]

The Crossroads of Gor

One should always be on their guard here, for who knows who or what you may encounter in your travels. The terrain of the crossroads varies with sparsely wooded areas and a scattering of kalana thickets growing wild along the roads and sweeping fields of sa-tarna. The land is well traversed, the unkempt wilderness kept at bay by those who travel on foot, in caravans and who farm the lands. There are many roads, ports, cities, villages, farms and orchards brimming with activity for you to meander into here. Always remember that nowhere, is safe.

Important Rules

The Crossroads is a FULL KILL/CAPTURE/FORCE COLLAR zone room.

All roleplay must be realistic and appropriate.

**By hitting enter to this room, you indicate your agreement to abide by all rules on this page and all rules subsequently linked to this page.**

There are no anonymous or -o- names allowed in the crossroads. Please take a name and roleplay within the room.
OOC is in PM ONLY!

All combat within the Crossroads is in accordance with Prodigy rules for Open Combat.
* When a conflict breaks out, those who are able to participate and become a factor in the scenario will be limited to those who are already present within the room. A scenario is seen as beginning at the moment of the first attack.
** If someone entered between a declared weapons post, but before the initial attack, they could participate if they wished to.
*** Pouncing however is NOT acceptable. Pouncing is defined as making an attack based on the initial first entry post into the room itself. This rule is here for several reasons.
[Example]: Sometimes as larger groups travel together, someone is bound to enter the room first, with the others following quickly. [Ex. A home traveling together. a FW & FM traveling together, etc.] In such cases, upon entering, you may opt to hold off on role-play for up to 10 minutes to allow for your traveling companions to fully arrive and begin role-play together. If you enter into role-play prior to your traveling companions arriving, your 10 minute time exemption is no longer applicable to the situation.
No NPC animals may be used to fight or actively participate in the capture of a human character.

Please use the Location Pull-downs.
Your travel from one location to the other must be realistic. [No Fast-Forwarding through two pulldowns]
* All must make two [2] entry posts before beginning any interaction with other people.
** You may NOT attack anyone during the entry or exit posts, although you can defend attacks during the exit posts.

Type of Character Posts to Enter Activity Zone Posts Posts to Leave
Free Men 2 4 2
Outlaws 2 3 2
Free Women 2 5 2
Slaves 2 6 2
Escapees 2 7 2
Mounted Riders 2 2 2

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