Sardar Fair is is a site owned role play room. If you enter here, you are pledging to act in an honorable and responsible manner. That means no harrassment of other attendees of the Fair, and no public furring. Really, no one wants to see that and no one will throw coins to you if you get it on with your slave in the open.

Free Women, you are expected to act in a manner befitting your caste. If you act like a slave, expect to find yourself caged.

Important Room Rules

All roleplay must be realistic and appropriate.

By entering this room, you indicate your agreement to abide by all rules on this page and all rules linked to this page.

Pulldowns are required for your roleplays to be valid - HOWEVER - the accidential ommission and subsequent adjustment will NOT void a roleplay.

Unowned slaves however are fair game to capture/collaring or even death at ALL times , Unowned slaves just didn't wander Gor happy go lucky and the Fair was not a haven for them. You DO NOT need to cage an unowned slave - they are there for the taking.

WARNING: Site staff does not police roleplay. Breaking site rules in this room will get you booted - you will have one warning.

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