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Hogwarts A New Era/Chat Studio
Hogwarts: A New Era

Hogwarts A New Era

The mighty battle has been over for a while, and a new generation of students have come to Hogwarts, as it has returned to a time of peace. A time where those who come there come only to learn, to grow...unaware of what lies ahead. In the time of rebuilding those who were loyal to he whose name shall not be spoken have infiltrated the school and look to bring back Lord Voldemort. The Death Eaters have started recruiting, working beneath the surface and behind the scenes as another battle grows, a secret battle unknown to many.

As the Death Eaters start to recruit the younger generations using schools like Hogwarts as their recruiting grounds.....Hogwarts has recruited a new Headmaster, Robert Falsworth, who must deal with the Death Eaters.

The Death Eaters, a powerful group of wizards and witches remain loyal to Lord Voldemort even after his death, finding it their primary goal is to eliminate the Muggle-borns, witches and wizards born to non-magical parents. The Death Eaters feel the Muggle-borns must be eliminated in order mto cleanse the Wizard community and make it pure again.

Robert, who is becoming accustomed to being the new Headmaster, is trying to determine who has joined the Death Eaters and attempting to remove them from the school. If the Death Eaters are not stopped and their plans thwarted, the magical world will be at war again; a war which will destroy it and the Muggle world around it.

Now it's up to you to decide to either help those who fight this darkness which creeps along the grounds of Hogwarts...or be part of the evil which is trying to take over the School, and bring to bear their plans of death and destruction of all that are not purebloods. So which side you wish to be on, will you help stop the next battle.......or contribute to it, it's all up to you.


1-This Room is a RP based on the books done by J.K. Rowling, and other works. Please note that any character or setting that is used or drawn from other people published works are copy righted material and are owned by said owners of the copyright.

Any characters used in RP here are done so as fan fiction, and said fans have no claim or rights to said characters, and is done so without the consent of copyright owner.

2-This room is a freeform room, and there will be no killing of someones character unless both parties are in agreement of said action.

3-There will be no students portrayed in this room save they are 18 any younger than the age of 18 will be noted as NPC and never role played.

4-Please take a proper name before coming into this room, if you are here to observe place an ~O~ after your name.

5-A character Bio should be posted to our board prior to actively playing, but we will give a grace period to those that wish to try the room out. Register your character with a first and last name; NO CANONS, please, only created characters will be allowed.

<--5a-once you've joined, please modify your screen name so it reads: First Last! once that's finished, please move on to the application.

6--Fill out the form on the APPLICATION BOARD, you'll get 3 days to complete the application if you wish to join, then an Admin will look it over. I would also like to ask that people who register their characters on the board to engage in someforum Role-play as well. (its not mandatory to play on the forums it would just make the RC happy) To be sorted and see the entire board you'd have to copy and paste your profile from the Chatstudio section to the appropriate section your character fits into. On the forum we Roleplay as Cannon characters. (PLEASE DO NOT POST CHATSTUDIO PROFILES ON THE PLACE THAT THEY DO NOT BELONG! THERE IS A CATAGORY SET UP THERE FOR YOU! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE SORTED TO POST IN THIS AREA!)

7-No GODMODDING, POWERPLAY, or taking over of others characters/roleplay unless permission is given.

8-Keep posts neat, size 1 or zero font is good, 2 is fine also, anything 3 and over is too large.

9-Make sure you plan with another person before taking into family status with them, in any way.

10-Adult situations will be played out in this room, you've been forewarned.

11-Keep forbidden relationships down - slytherins & gryffindors DO like the other houses as well.

12There will be adult scenes and situations here as this will be a college. Dont like it? Get the fuck out!

13-Full room rules can be found on our Forum, please do follow said rules and enjoy your time RPing here.

14-All Chat Studio rules also apply here.

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