Dark Twilight

Dark Twilight

We live in a world that is of technology and science, though there are parts of the world that have barely been or have never been touched by modern man. These far reaches of world have yet to learn that their beliefs of the things that we consider that are legend are not true…..or are they?

Even in our modern world there is tales of the Chupacabra, as well as Sasquatch and many more. These creatures tend to be noted in such places in the remote parts of the world, so the question holds what if those things are real. What if there are such creatures, then does that hold that there are such being as vampires, werewolves and the likes? That would be up to the scientist to figure out, though in doing so such endeavors are wrought with danger and death, for one must travel to the darkest continents and lands that are known.

One would have to travel to the areas of South America that few go to and fewer return, that or the dark parts of Africa into the Congo where it is legend that King Solomon’s Mine can be found. Or one might travel to the land down under, Australia, to the Outback, and lands that have yet to be spoiled by man.

This is the Dark Twilight, a place where your darkest realities can come to life. Behind these doors you will find yourself immerged into a world that is set in the most remote parts of the world where sometimes the law is more corrupt than the ones who are breaking it.

This room will be set on the three continents of Australia, Africa, South America and based heavily in the Outback, the Congo, and the Amazon Jungle. So if you dare enter into our Dark World.

The South Pacific

The South Pacific

The Pacific Ocean is covered with islands some not even charted, but there are many wonderful vacations spots if one wanted to travel out there. The most noted is that of Hawaii with the turquoise water and white sandy beaches. Hawaii is made up of a chain of islands and there are many sites to see on each one. Though there are always tales of odd events even in Paradise, tales of ghosts and creatures of the lands that are spurred by people’s imaginations.

This fact is not only noted there but in many of the islands that are spread across the South Pacific. Tales of Lemuria and of the Dragon’s Triangle, but in our world of modern science there really could not be such things, or could there be?

It is also noted that in a certain section of the Pacific there have been many ships that have just disappeared much like the more noted Bermuda Triangle that most people know about. There are many tales of ghost and the likes that have been spotted within these lands and each of these stories are just part of a larger Dark Reality.

This sub room is set in the South Pacific and the mysteries that surround it as well as many other tales that can be incorporated into such settings. Feel free to join us in exploring these islands of Paradise and finding what other evils lurk in Paradise.


1-This Room is a RP based on a merging of Paranormal TV shows, Movies, and with some sprinkling of certain books out there. Please note that any character or setting that is used or drawn from other people published works are copy righted material and are owned by said owners of the copyright.

Any characters used in RP here are done so as fan fiction, and said fans have no claim or rights to said characters, and is done so without the consent of copyright owner.

2-This room is a freeform room, and there will be no killing of someone’s character unless both parties are in agreement of said action.

3-There may be open scenes with sex and graphic violence, if such things do offend you, we are sorry, and you might wish to go to another room, or ignore such posts. Please note if such scenes do occur they do so only on the note that anyone can join in to stop or join in them. We do not condone open orgies in the main room.

4-Please take a proper name before coming into this room, if you are here to observe place an ~O~ after your name.

5-A character bio should be posted to our board prior to actively playing, but we will give a grace period to those that wish to try the room out. If you wish to play an established character from a TV series or book you can only run four said character and four created characters though you can give up cannon character slots to run created characters so long as you do not run more than eight characters in all.

6-Please note if you use an established character, note in the bio who owns the copyright of said character and give them their credit to said character.

7-Avi size should be NO LARGER THEN 450 height and 600 wide.

8-Full room rules can be found on our Forum, please do follow said rules and enjoy your time Rp’ing here.

9-All Chatstudio rules also apply here.

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